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Responding to Psychosocial Needs in Disasters Through Creative Means

In October 2019, the province of Cotabato on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao was affected by a series of earthquakes. At least 30 individuals died, and almost 500 were injured. The psychosocial needs of affected individuals, particularly the most vulnerable, must be addressed. DOH-Caraga personnel were trained in using creative pedagogy to give psychological support in emergencies. The training was conducted as part of the project "Strengthening Capacity to Address Conflict-Induced Forced Displacement in Mindanao" (CAPID). Mental health interventions seek to enhance psychological well-being by lowering psychological discomfort, enhancing daily functioning, and promoting effective coping mechanisms. Government actors may prioritize hiring additional mental health implementers at the local level and emphasizing the critical nature of these services.


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