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Promoting Health and Social Security Systems Literacy among Filipino Migrant Domestic Workers: Challenges and Ways Forward

The Philippines remains one of the largest labor-sending nations globally, with the number of overseas Filipino workers reaching 1.77 million in 2020. Recognizing the importance of prioritizing the health and social welfare of Filipino migrant domestic workers (MDWs), this Policy Note highlights the need to integrate the migrant labor force into the country’s health and social security systems. Despite government efforts, there are notable gaps in MDWs’ health and social security systems literacy, attributed to insufficient information dissemination mechanisms, leading to their limited awareness and participation in relevant programs. To address these challenges, the government must strengthen migration policies, promote literacy initiatives among MDWs, and enhance collaboration with stakeholders. This Note suggests improving seminar experiences, involving left-behind family members, and regularly updating government platforms to disseminate information effectively. Implementing tailored interventions will empower Filipino MDWs to access and benefit from the Philippines’ health and social security programs.


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