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Process Evaluation of the “One-Stop Laboratory Services for Global Competitiveness” (OneLab) Project

The OneLab network, established in 2012 by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in the Philippines, aims to enhance collaboration and coordination among laboratories. It eliminates the need for clients to hop between labs by offering a one-stop platform via the OneLab website and the Unified Laboratory Information Management System (ULIMS). After a decade of implementation and with 54 member laboratories in its network, this process evaluation was conducted in 2022 using qualitative and quantitative methods. The evaluation found that OneLab effectively provides laboratory services to various clients, including industries, research institutions, government units, nongovernment organizations, and the public, with 296 services available from interviewed labs. Clients reported reduced transaction times, cost savings due to government support and shared resources, and improved compliance with regulatory requirements. However, service-providing labs faced challenges such as limited funding, job insecurity for personnel, maintenance for serviceable equipment and infrastructure, and policy constraints. Recommendations include refining the service mix, adapting to industry needs, strengthening the program secretariat for better planning and monitoring, and advocating for policy support. In general, OneLab has successfully streamlined laboratory services in the Philippines, benefiting a wide range of clients. However, to ensure its continued success, adjustments and improvements are necessary to address the challenges faced by participating laboratories.

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