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Potential Business Models for the Delivery of Internet-Based Information Services to Micro and Small Enterprises in the Philippines

This paper underlines the importance of information and communication technology, (ICT) for micro and small enterprises (MSEs), as it enhances the internal efficiency of MSEs and optimizes the environmental interaction of MSEs. The paper examines the potential for using modern ICT to provide marketable information services to MSEs and identifies the following issues: * Enhancing awareness about ICT and its potential for MSEs. * Customizing information for the requirement of MSEs. * Creating infra-structural support for meeting hardware requirements. * Increasing the access of MSEs to internet. * Developing pricing structure for accessing ICT based services. In order to address these issues, the paper proposes the following initiatives: * Building the capacity of ICT based business development service provider. * Building the capacity of MSEs in realizing, accessing and utilizing the potential of ICT. * Encouraging information-brokering agencies, which convert macro data into customized information for MSEs. The paper concludes that both demand and supply for ICT for MSEs exist but donors need to strengthen the market by investing in building awareness and provide initial subsidy for ICT service provision.


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