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Policy Imperatives Moving Forward from the COVID-19 Crisis

While the raging pandemic illuminated the complex nature of embedded challenges that will have to be surmounted, charting the elusive path to national preparedness begins with a decisive reform agenda identifying arenas of public policy that matter most. Sectoral policy reforms can be prioritized separately; acting as building blocks, which when combined together can ultimately create the long-envisioned architecture of resilience, while paradoxically building in flexibility attuned to the dynamism and unpredictability of the new environment. The report draws from policy proposals from various zoom meetings, webinars, discussion papers, insights from experts, and existing legislative measures. The processed proposals adhere to and flow from the framework of the 1987 Philippine Constitution on uplifting the life of every Filipino through enhanced productivity and social equity. Measures to sustain and enhance productivity growth are instrumental to the creation of jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for Filipinos, if not the safeguarding of employment in this time of crisis. Enhanced social protection through the provision of social safety nets will protect vulnerable individuals and their families from the adverse effects of economic shocks, natural and man-made disasters, and other forms of crises.


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