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National Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization and Industrialization Plan 2021-2030

NAFMIP 2021-2030, as a whole-of-nation plan, serves as a Directional Plan to steer sector-wide growth over the next decade. It will guide the trajectory of more detailed and operations-oriented agri-fishery development plans such as the commodity system roadmaps, Provincial Commodity Investment Plans (PCIPs), and Comprehensive Land Use Plans (CLUP). Thus, NAFMIP is more policy- and strategy-oriented, but not as detailed as previous AFMP iterations.

Further, NAFMIP shall aim to inspire the full range of private and public stakeholders to take coordinated, cohesive, and determined actions toward achieving a common vision and objectives, and to galvanize sector-wide public and private investments and resources to support the shared vision, objectives, and concerted action.


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