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Multisectoral Coalition to Advocate for Reforms in Services Sector

This second issue of the Development Research News announces the revival of the Philippine Services Coalition that will study and advocate for reforms in the services sector, parts of which are said to have restrictive policies on investment. The sector is the engine of growth for the Philippine economy with a potential to attract a large amount of foreign direct investments and generate millions of jobs. Competitive services, however, are necessary to maximize the country`s potential and sustain real growth amid integration in the region that requires the smooth flow of both goods and services.

This issue also features the results of an impact evaluation of labor policies, in particular the minimum wage. Other stories tackle the need for reforms in rice and transport; the series of seminars under the Health Systems Research Program aimed at improving the capacity of the Department of Health and the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation to formulate, implement, and monitor health policies supportive of the government`s health care agenda; and this year`s symposium and general assembly of the Philippine APEC Study Center Network, which focused on attaining inclusive growth through science and technology. A contribution from an eminent economist, Dr. Dan Steinbock, outlines the imperatives for the Philippines to boost foreign direct investment.


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Jul 03, 2014