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Transit Crime and Sexual Violence in Cities: Manila, Philippines

This chapter reports the results of a survey on sexual transit crime with college students in Manila, Philippines. The chapter introduces basic information about the sample (316 students) and empirical findings. Forty-three percent of respondents were sexually harassed, but 85 percent of those students who reported having been victimized did not report the incident. Fifty-one percent of females, 32 percent of males, and 15 perceent of LGBTQI students reported having been a victim of sexual assault or harassment crime while on the bus, train, at the bus stop or station platform, or on their way to/from the transit stop. The most common precaution by women was "dressing in a certain way", waiting for buses only at well-lit places, or avoiding bus stops and train stations where the crime was prevalent. The chapter briefly summarizes the main findings from the case study and makes suggestions for research and practice.


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