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Localizing Mental Health and Psychosocial Support

One in every five Filipinos suffers from a range of mental health issues. Currently, the country has fewer than 700 psychiatrists and perhaps 1,000 psychiatric nurses. In 2008, a spike in violent conflicts in Mindanao drew national attention to the issue. Typhoon Yolanda's aftermath revived public interest in mental health issues. The Tandag City Health Office has partnered with GIZ to facilitate communication between service providers and the community. The collaboration occurred with the assistance of the project "Strengthening Capacity for Addressing Conflict-Induced Forced Displacement in Mindanao." The designation of MHPSS Coordinator does not always imply an official change in the job description. As the focal person, they serve as the point of contact and can provide critical information and understanding about the subject. Integration can be seen in mobilizing municipal health personnel, barangay health personnel, additional equipment, and medical supplies for Community Day. In 2018, the Tandag CHO began with extremely low MHPSS capacity and trained at least 25% of its workers. A local health agency may seek support for basic training, advanced training, and trainers from the DOH Regional Office or a development partner.


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