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Lending to Micro Enterprises Through NGOs in The Philippines

Describes NGO lending programs for microenterprises in the The Philippines which are part of the attempt to reconstruct the country's financial landscape by using semi-formal institutions as intermediaries. Gives background on the programs, their historical context, the premises underlying them. Addresses questions of sustainability and research priorities Two approaches are examined: * qualitative change of a limited number of enterprises by offering a comprehensive range of services * quantitative change by aiming to expand a large number of enterprises through provision of a minimum of services Raises research issues including: * how profitable are micro-enterprises, what constrains their growth and what are complementary non-credit requirements? * what are NGOs real current costs? * what would be the costs if NGOs provided non-credit complementary inputs and should costs common to several activities like social preparation be apportioned as benefits? * how can NGOs retain their essential informality?


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