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Governance Needs Assessment for Host Communities in Mindanao, Philippines

The initiative aims to strengthen regional and local government actors' response to conflict-related displacement in home and host communities in Mindanao's Caraga Region. The governance needs assessment sought to educate state actors about the critical role of sound governance in fostering resilience and social cohesion. Six municipalities undertook a needs assessment for the Philippine government's response to conflict-induced forced displacement (CID). To identify critical difficulties and needs, focus group talks were performed. The findings served as a springboard for additional thinking and the development of proposals for potential project activities. Strengthen capacities for coordinated data collection, as different state actors at the local level collect data on displacement in a variety of ways. Increase citizens' and development planning officers' participation in participatory/bottom-up planning procedures involving IDPs. Increase IDPs' awareness of their rights and avenues for receiving free legal counsel.


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