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Gov’t Advised Appointing One Body to Coordinate Services Trade Negotiations

This quarter’s Development Research News (DRN) looks at the opportunities and challenges for the Philippines in trade in services. The banner story highlights the need for a dedicated government body to coordinate service trade negotiations and ensure coherence and consistency in formulating trade positions. Another article tackles the country’s performance in achieving the ASEAN Economic Community Vision 2025 compared to its Southeast Asian neighbors. Other articles discuss how the Philippines can maximize its strengths and minimize weaknesses in trade in services, capacitate women entrepreneurs on e-commerce adoption, and strengthen its digital trade rules to reap the benefits of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. This issue also features an article on using data analytics tools to craft evidence-based policies and guide the country’s strategic directions in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. Completing this DRN issue is an article about improving the export survivability of micro, small, and medium enterprises to enhance their participation in the global market.


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