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Estimating the Potential Retail Impact of Improving the Pedestrian Environment in the Downtown Cebu City

Pedestrianization is often suggested as a means to revitalize downtown Cebu City. However, commercial establishments fear that the closure of main roads like Colon St to vehicle traffic will hurt their business rather than help. Studies in other countries point to many contextual factors that affect the outcomes of pedestrianization projects. This study reveals that, though desirable, improving walkways is not the most important intervention that will increase visitation to the area. Respondent pedestrians and commercial establishments prioritized improving security and addressing urban environmental concerns such as cleanliness and flooding. If current clientele visits the area at least once more within a year, it is estimated that 30 million pesos and 31 million pesos in additional business revenue can be created for Colon St and Osmena Blvd, respectively. This benefit scale may help economically justify the needed interventions for improving the pedestrian environment in downtown Cebu City.


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