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Dimensions of the FY 2023 National Government Budget (as enacted under RA No. 11936)

The 2023 General Appropriations Act authorizes an expenditure program amounting to P5,268.0 billion which is 4.9 percent higher than last year’s spending level, and is equivalent to 22.4 percent of the projected gross domestic product this year. Consistent with budget policy that underscores the need to achieve inclusive and balanced economic development, the Social and Economic Services combined account for 68.8 percent of the total national budget in 2023. Social Services continues to have the highest budget share (38%), to support the implementation of education, health, social protection, and other programs that can help the government meet its target to reduce poverty incidence to a single digit by 2028. While Social Services consistently gets the biggest portion of the budget pie, annual increments for Economic Services have grown faster to likewise increase its national budget share especially to support post-pandemic economic recovery initiatives.


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