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Delivering Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services in Situations of Conflict-induced Displacement

The Mental Health Act of the Philippines aims to increase access to comprehensive and integrated mental health care. Additionally, it safeguards the rights of those with mental illnesses and their family members. A training module on MHPSS in conflict-induced relocation equips local practitioners with hands-on experience. The Basic MHPSS Training is scheduled to last five days. It is composed of five parts that complement one another. The training approaches used during the initial phase of training will be carried over to the training of MH PSs Implementers (TMI). TMI is designed to hone participants' abilities to provide MHPsS effectively. The training package may help overcome the country's shortage of MHPSS practitioners. Additionally, it can assist in reducing the stigma associated with individuals who are dealing with a mental health issue. Service providers are encouraged to customize the modules to their communities' unique contexts and characteristics.


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