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Community Health Day in Tandag: Integrating Dialogue and Psychosocial Support into Health Service Delivery

Community health care outreach is a tradition in Tandag City, Surigao del Sur province. Mamanwa residents in Sitio Gitaub were averse to participating in conversations. They responded in February 2019 with an invitation to arrange a Community Day. The Community Health Day (CHO) provided pertinent knowledge and resources for nine distinct forms of health care. Temporary clinics were set up in houses, with tables and chairs provided by the host families. There was time for socializing, storytelling, and dialoguing with community members. The experience of Community Day in Sitio Gitaub can serve as a template for replication. Service providers are now conducting or giving health services in novel ways, such as participating in meaningful interactions with community members before conducting or providing health services. Community Health Officers (CHOs) and Biomedical Health Workers (BHWs) walked and climbed mountain trails for over two days to reach the village, carrying medical supplies and food.


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