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Boosting Productivity, Economic Growth Key to Ending Hunger, Malnutrition by 2030

This quarter’s Development Research News (DRN) focuses on critical strategies and interventions that can transform Philippine agriculture and ensure environmental sustainability. As food security and ecological integrity concerns worsen, it is crucial that we revisit policy and consider more progressive productivity schemes. The banner story emphasizes investing in research and development, and infrastructure to sustain improvements in food production and affordability. Meanwhile, the second article explores the impact of matching grant schemes in stimulating private investment in the sector. Another article highlights the creation of an enabling environment that fosters the adoption of digital technologies, such as farm advisory applications and online retail networks. Subsequent articles discuss ways to empower farmers, including encouraging farm clustering, sustaining training programs, enhancing social networks, promoting knowledge-sharing platforms, and integrating climate information into agricultural practices. Other articles cover environmental protection strategies, including promoting a circular economy and leveraging payments for ecosystem services. Completing this issue is an infographic story about the competitiveness of the Philippine livestock, poultry, and dairy industries.


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