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Advancing Policy Costing: Estimating the Financial Requirements of an Expanded National Feeding Program (ENFP)

This discussion paper presents the costing exercise for the proposed Expanded National Feeding Program (ENFP) and outlines the minimum elements in determining the financial requirements for the policy, such as the key assumptions, major expenditure items, and fiscal space. Two costing approaches, top-down and bottom-up, were employed based on current prices for the first three years of the program implementation period. A financial gap analysis is also presented to establish the feasibility of funding the intervention, projecting a three-year investment requirement for the program adjusted to inflation and at the same time identifying possible sources of financing. The paper ends with lessons learned in calculating cost estimates, highlighting the imperative to institutionalize and standardize the practice in the government to reduce unfunded mandates and ensure that policymakers understand the policy trade-offs and make better-informed decisions.


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