PN 2019-09
Strengthening Institutional Links for Irrigation Water Governance
PN 2019-08
Evaluation of National Irrigation Systems in the Philippines
PIDS Book 2019-01
Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Creating Our Future Today (Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Public Policy Conference 2018)
RPS 2019-03
Forest Protection in the Philippines: Policy Evolution and Sector Outcomes
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Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Head of Institution: Kelly Bird
No. 6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City
Representative Library / Publications
Name Aekapol Chongvilaivan and Tess Mendoza N/A
Email; N/A
Phone + 632 683 1006 N/A

Latest Publications
WP 044 Welcare Impacts of Electricity Generation Sector Reform in the Philippines

WP 023 Promoting Effective Schooling through Education Decentralization in Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Philippines

WP 085 Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Policies: Empirical Evidence from Bangladesh, People's Republic of China, Indonesia and Philippines

WP 032 Leading Indicators of Business Cycles in Malaysia and the Philippines

WP 064 Empirical Assessment of Sustainability and Feasibility of Government Debt: The Philippine Case

WP 034 Economic Opennes and Regional Development in the Philippines

ADB 2002-11 Diagnostic Study of Accounting and Auditing Practices in the Philippines

WP 053 Competitiveness, Income Distribution, and Growth in the Philippines: What does the Long-run Evidence Show?

ADB 2004-07 Anti-Corruption Policies in Asia and the Pacific

WP 062 A Small Macroeconomic Model of the Philippine Economy

ADB 2004-05 Strengthening SME Credit Management Systems

ADB 2004-04 Strengthening Provincial and Local Planning and Expenditure Management

ADB 2005-04 Poverty in the Philippines: Income, Assets, and Access

ADB 2005-03 Master Plan for the Agusan River Basin

ADB 2005-02 Local Government Finance and Budget Reform Project