Strategies for Effective Implementation of the CPAR Program - Building Up From the Gains: Lessons From the Improvements for Effective Implementation of the Community-Based Participatory Action Research Program (SEARCA-DA-BAR Policy Brief 2021)
Skills Needs Anticipation (SNA): Workplace Skills and Satisfaction (WSS) Baseline Survey of Select Employers in the Construction Industry
Strengthening Multi-employer Bargaining: Policies and Practices (Phase II)
Non-Hazardous Activities for Children: The Case of Banana and Sugarcane Supply Chains

PIDS WB 2021-0905
7th Mindanao Policy Research Forum
PIDS WB 2021-0905
Annual Public Policy Conference Webinar 4: Robust and Healthy Workforce and Closing Program
PIDS WB 2021-0904
Annual Public Policy Conference Webinar 3: Green And Inclusive Recovery
PIDS WB 2021-0903
Annual Public Policy Conference Webinar 2: Ethical Business
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UST-Research Cluster on Culture, Education and Social Issues (UST-RCCESSI)

Head of Institution: PROF. BELINDA D.V. DE CASTRO, PhD
Room 211, Thomas Aquinas Research Complex, University of Santo Tomas
Representative Library / Publications
Name Ronaldo Cabauatan / Ma. Carmelita F. Santos Ms. Ma. Cecilia D. Lobo
Email /
Phone +63 916-721-9748 +63 916-721-9748

Latest Publications
SRC 2006-01 Workers’ Remittances and Economic Growth

SRC 2006-02 The Noodle That Binds:A Social History of Noodle Consumption in the Philippines

SRC 2006-03 Drug and Substance Use/Abuse Among Street Children in an urban Setting in the Philippines: A Qualitative Study

SRC 2006-04 The Manila Mega Urban Region: In Search of a Model

SRC 2006-05 Micro Financing as a Tool of Empowerment of Selected Filipino Women Micro Enterpreneurs

SRC 2006-06 A Grounded Theory for an Ecclesial Self-Constituting Praxis

SRC 2006-07 Institutional Efficiency Indicators (IEI) Assessments: The Effectiveness of Departmental Examination in The College of Commerce

SRC 2006-08 Trade Liberalization, Export-Oriented Growth And Domestic Industrial Markets: (A political economic reading of the scrap metal and metalware industries)

SRC 2006-09 Use of the E-marketplace by Selected SMEs in Metro Manila: A Case Study

SRC 2006-10 The Socio-Economic Profile of the El Shaddai Members in Selected Areas in Greater Manila

SRC 2005-01 A Paradigm Shift in Philippine Development: Marine and Aquatic Dimensions of Development for the Philippine Islands and their Ecological Implications

SRC 2004-01 Rethinking Youth Transition: Directions for Future Research in Developing Societies

SRC 2004-02 Strengthening Civil Society through Oppositional Politics

SRC 2004-03 Cooperative Entrepreneurship as a Factor of Economic Growth & Productive Efficiency in Bulacan Cooperatives

SRC 2004-05 Testing Social Theories through Historically-Informed Sociocultural Analysis: Economic Development in Japan & Taiwan & the ‘Autonomous State’

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