AIM RSN PCC WP 2018-004
Mapping the 4IR At-Risk Workers in the Philippines
AIM RSN PCC WP 2018-003
Drivers of Philippine SME Competitiveness: Results of the 2018 SME Survey
AIM RSN PCC WP 2018-002
Federal Governments Around the World: A Comparative Perspective
AIM RSN PCC WP 2018-001
An Empirical Analysis of Decentralization and Poverty in the Philippines
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National Tax Research Center (NTRC)

Head of Institution: Trinidad Rodriguez
Harbor Center II, Chicago cor. Delgado 23rd St. Port Area, Manila
Representative Library / Publications
Name Ma. Rhea L. Caro Lilian S. Flores
Phone 527-2064 / 527-2066/ N/A

Latest Publications
TRJ 2012-9 Deadweight Loss and Taxation, November - December 2012

TRJ 2012-8 Rationalization of Fees and Charges via Administrative Order No. 31, September - October 2012

TRJ 2012-7 Developing Models in Estimating the Revenue Impact of Proposed Reforms on Income Tax, July - August 2012

TRJ 2012-6 Revenue Performance of the BIR Large Taxpayers Service: CY 2006-2010, May - June 2011

TRJ 2012-5 Profile and Taxation of the Philippine Overseas Remittance Industry, May - June 2011

TRJ 2012-4 VAT on Petroleum Products, March - April 2012

TRJ 2012-3 International Carriers Taxation in the Philippines, March - April 2012

TRJ 2012-2 2. A Study on Real Property Ownership and Tax Compliance by Gender/Group in Nabunturan, Compostela Valley: CY 2009, January - February 2012

TRJ 2012-1 Taxation and Fiscal Incentives of the Philippine BPO Industry, January - February 2012

TRJ 2011-9 Where Does Your Tax Money Go?, November - December 2011

TRJ 2011-8 A Review of the Energy Tax on Electric Power Consumption, September - October 2011

TRJ 2011-7 8. Discussion on the Feasibility of Allowing the Tax Deductibility of Charitable Contributions and Donations from the Income of Compensation Income Earners, September - October 2011

TRJ 2011-6 Situationer on Estate Taxation in the Philippines: Issues and Prospects, July - August 2011

TRJ 2011-5 Tax Performance Analysis of the Regional and District Offices of the Bureau of Internal Revenue: CY 2000-2009, May - June 2011

TRJ 2011-4 Tax Performance Analysis of the BIR and BOC:1998 " 2009, May - June 2011