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World Bank Group Youth Summit 2022: Unlocking the Power of Inclusion for Equitable Growth

The 2022 Youth Summit will examine the multifold challenges faced by global community and the role of the youth in solving these problems. The Summit will engage young people globally on innovative ideas and solutions to ensure that recovery and growth in the post-COVID world is not only equitable and sustainable but also inclusive along social, environmental, and economic dimensions.

Discussions and activities during the Summit will focus on solutions that foster:

  1. Social Inclusion by increasing opportunities for people especially the marginalized to participate fully in markets, services, technologies, and society is critical for equitable growth.
  2. Environmental Inclusion by building green, resilient communities, fostering inclusive green growth, and ensuring no communities are left behind to tackle environmental degradation and climate change.
  3. Economic Inclusion by providing inclusive, equitable access to economic opportunity is imperative to sustainable global development.