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Economic Outlook for 2023: Building the Momentum through an Investment-Led Growth

Join the Stratbase ADR Institute on its webinar titled "Economic Outlook for 2023: Building the Momentum Through an Investment-Led Growth" on February 9, 2023, at 9:00 am, via Zoom. 

With the global economic uncertainties that created financial volatility and hindered development for emerging economies, it is imperative for the Philippines to become a viable and attractive investment destination for long-term growth and development.

Indeed, investments are a crucial tool in increasing the nation’s productivity while generating employment and providing income security. To attain investment-led growth, the government must create a business environment that enables growth and innovation through market-friendly public policies, transparency, and good governance. Mutual collaboration between the public and private sectors is vital to withstand global economic shocks and help rebuild the Philippines into a more resilient nation.

This event seeks to bring together the country’s economic experts to share their outlook for 2023 and their insights on adopting an investment-driven strategy to ensure inclusive and sustainable economic growth.