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Reality Versus Expectation: BBM’s 2023 SONA - A Roundtable - July 17, 2023 - Roundtable Discussion

The UP Center for Integrative and Development Studies (UP CIDS) organized a roundtable, “Reality Versus Expectation: BBM’s 2023 SONA” last 17 July 2023


The Economy Under BBM
Jan Carlo B. Punongbayan, PhD
Assistant Professor, University of the Philippines School of Economics

BBM and Central-Local Relations
Maria Ela L. Atienza, PhD
Co-Convenor, Program on Social and Political Change, UP CIDS
Professor, UP Department of Political Science

Civil Society Under a Marcos Presidency
Joseph Purugganan
Head, Focus on the Global South Philippine Office

BBM and Executive-Legislative Relations
Maria Fe Villamejor-Mendoza, DPA
Professor Emeritus, UP National College of Public Administration and Governance (NCPAG)

Philippine Foreign Relations in the Time of BBM
Maria Thaemar C. Tana, PhD
Co-Convenor, Strategic Studies Program, UP CIDS
Associate Professor, UP Department of Political Science


Distinguished experts will share their analysis and insights on the first year of the administration of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. and comment on his upcoming 2023 State of the Nation Address (SONA). How much has the Marcos administration achieved based on its first SONA as well as the campaign promises made by BBM back in 2022? What problems / challenges can the administration expect as it enters its second year? How does the first year of the Marcos administration compare with the first year under Duterte and Noynoy Aquino? If one of Duterte’s key (if not infamous) legacies is his anti-drug campaign, what might eventually be BBM’s legacy? The RTD hopes to provide a platform for honest and open perspectives to be expressed about the first year of the Marcos presidency.


This roundtable is organized by the Program on Social and Political Change (PSPC), UP CIDS and the Department of Political Science, University of the Philippines Diliman. The PSPC is one of 12 research programs under the Center for Integrative and Development Studies. Learn more about the Program and download free policy papers on Philippine politics and governance.