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The Impacts of Roll-On/Roll-Off Transport System in the Philippines
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A Review of Philippine Government Disaster Financing for Recovery and Reconstruction
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National Accounts and Household Survey Estimates of Household Expenditures: Why Do They Differ and Why Should We Be Concerned?
PN 2017-12
Have We Institutionalized DRRM in the Philippines?
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PPJ Vol. XXVI No.2/ XXVII No.1 1995-04: Comprehensive Land Use Planning Process in the Philippines

The article is a brief presentation of the comprehensive land use planning process in the Philippines. Explaining that some legal issuances of government serve as its precursor, the discussion moves on to a general definition of what land use planning is. Along with a chart, the planning process is illustrated, and each step (i.e., Data Collection; Inter- and Intra-Area Analysis; Goals/Objectives Setting; Generation of Alternative Spatial Strategies; Evaluation and Selection of Preferred Strategy; Detailing of the Chosen Strategy; Formulating Policies and Implementation Tools; and Plan Adoption and Legitimization; and, Implementation, Monitoring and Feedback) concisely described.

UP-School of Urban and Regional Planning
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SURP Research Staff; land use planning; land management;
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