DRN 2017 Vol. XXXV No. 1
Women and Children with Disabilities Face Dire Conditions, Study Shows
RPS 2017-01
An Assessment of the Community Mortgage Program Implementation Strategy
DP 2017-19
Rebooting Philippine Telecommunications Through Structural Reform
DP 2017-18
Review of Intra-ASEAN Nontariff Measures on Trade in Goods
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The Potentials of Agricultural Insurance as a Poverty Reduction Tool 94
The Philippine Review of Economics 93
Unintended Consequences: The Folly of Uncritical Thinking 89
Is the Pacific Alliance a Potential Pathway to the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific? 88
Furthering the Implementation of AEC Blueprint Measures 86
Evaluation of the Impact of Agricultural Insurance Program of the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation on Agricultural Producers in Region IV-A (CALABARZON) 86
Philippine Journal of Development 2014-2015 79
Reducing Unnecessary Regulatory Burden: The Philippine Tuna Industry 79
East Asian labor markets and the economic crisis - impacts, responses, and lessons 73
Services-Manufacturing Linkage and the Role of Policy 72

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Population, Poverty, Politics and the Reproductive Health Bill 13
The Filipino Worker in a Global Economy 10
Male Involvement Through Reproductive Health Awareness in Bukidnon Province, the Philippines: An Intervention Study 10
The Philippines in the Global Trading Environment: Looking Back and the Road Ahead 10
Interpreting the Basic Rational Expectations Macroeconomic Model 10
Estimation and Forecasting of Tax Revenue in the Philippines 10
Small Loans, Big Returns 10
A Profile of the Philippine Pharmaceutical Sector 10
Does Mining FDI Crowd in or Crowd Out Other Investments? A Cross-Country Investigation of FDI Intersectoral Linkages 10
Norms of Morality as Reflected in the 19th Century Philippine Literature: A Content Analysis 10

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PIDS Research Information Staff 101
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