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Latest Publications
PN 2017-16Preventing Childhood Stunting: Why and How?
PIDS Book 2017-02Building Inclusive Economies, Building a Better World: A Look at the APEC 2015 Priority Areas (Volume II)
DP 2017-25Chronic Food Poverty in the Philippines
DP 2017-24Chronic and Transient Poverty and Weather Variability in the Philippines: Evidence Using Components Approach
EID 2017 Vol. XVII No.2The Triple Burden of Disease
PN 2017-15Understanding the Principles Underlying the Philippine Competition Law
PN 2017-14Estimating Filipinos' Vulnerability to Poverty
PN 2017-13Analyzing Housework Through Family and Gender Perspectives
DP 2017-23Scoping Study on Reducing Unnecessary Regulatory Burdens in the Philippine Food Manufacturing Industry
EID 2017 Vol. XVII No.1The Rise of Collaborative Economy in the Philippines
DP 2017-22The Impacts of Roll-On/Roll-Off Transport System in the Philippines
DP 2017-21A Review of Philippine Government Disaster Financing for Recovery and Reconstruction
DP 2017-20National Accounts and Household Survey Estimates of Household Expenditures: Why Do They Differ and Why Should We Be Concerned?
PN 2017-12Have We Institutionalized DRRM in the Philippines?
PN 2017-11Assessment of the Targeting and Financing Aspects of the RSBSA-AIP
PN 2017-10Examining Energy Use and Weather Variability Through the Gender Lens
PN 2017-09Do Men and Women in the Philippines Have Equal Economic Opportunities?
DRN 2017 Vol. XXXV No. 1Women and Children with Disabilities Face Dire Conditions, Study Shows
RPS 2017-01An Assessment of the Community Mortgage Program Implementation Strategy
DP 2017-19Rebooting Philippine Telecommunications Through Structural Reform
DP 2017-18Review of Intra-ASEAN Nontariff Measures on Trade in Goods
DP 2017-17The Renewable Energy Policy Debate in the Philippines
DP 2017-16The Promises and Pains in Procurement Reforms in the Philippines
PN 2017-08Reviving the Wood Processing Industry of the Philippines
DP 2017-14Understanding the New Philippine Competition Act
DP 2017-15Evaluation of the Impact of Agricultural Insurance Program of the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation on Agricultural Producers in Region IV-A (CALABARZON)
DP 2017-13Reducing Unnecessary Regulatory Burden: The Philippine Tuna Industry
DP 2017-12Evaluation of the Impact of Agricultural Insurance Program of the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation on Agricultural Producers in Region 02 (Cagayan Valley), Philippines
DP 2017-11What Does ASEAN Mean to ASEAN Peoples? (The Philippine Case)
DP 2017-10Competition for the Market: A Policy Framework for Improving Bus Operation along EDSA
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