Philippine Subdivision Development Laws and Standards: An Assessment
By: Malaneb-Hornilla, Linda L.
UP-School of Urban and Regional Planning
Published in 1987 as Journal
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Keyword/s: legal issues,housing sector,

Aimed at addressing the worsening housing problem in the Philippines, an analysis is made of the two major laws on subdivision development Presidential Decree No. 957 and Batas Pambansa Blng. 220 - and the World Bank Standards as indicated in the Private Sites and Services projects, focusing on the design standards embodied therein. Through this, the paper intends to show that the standards of BP 220 can best meet the problem of housing low-income and, with some modifications, can be profitable. With recommended amendments to the BP 220 and its rules and regulations, it shall be shown how the adoption of a single law and set of design standards for subdivision regulation is most desirable.