EID 2017 Vol. XVII No.2
The Triple Burden of Disease
PN 2017-15
Understanding the Principles Underlying the Philippine Competition Law
PN 2017-14
Estimating Filipinos' Vulnerability to Poverty
PN 2017-13
Analyzing Housework Through Family and Gender Perspectives
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PIDS Book 2014-02 Higher Education in Agriculture: Trends, Prospects, and Policy Directions

RPS 2011-01 Rice that Filipinos Grow and Eat

RPS 2008-03 Rice in the Filipino Diet and Culture

RPS 2008-02 Rice Production Practices

RPS 2008-01 Rice and Philippine Politics

RPS 2006-03 The Philippine Hybrid Rice Program: A Case for Redesign and Scaling Down

PIDS Book 2006-01 Philippine Agriculture, Food Security, and APEC

PIDS Book 2004-03 Special Issues in Agriculture

WP 1983-06 Government Expenditures of Agricultural Policies in the Philippines, 1955-1980