PJD 2018 Vol. 45 No. 2d
Primary Healthcare and Management of Noncommunicable Diseases in the Philippines
PJD 2018 Vol. 45 No. 2c
An Assessment of the Financial Sustainability and Performance of Philippine Water Districts
PJD 2018 Vol. 45 No. 2b
The Philippine Local Water Sector: Institutional Issues in Supply Governance
PJD 2018 Vol. 45 No. 2a
Perceived Effects of the Performance-Based Bonus on Government Employees Productivity

PIDS WB 2021-1001
Assessing the Institutional Arrangements and the Implementation of Policies on Indigenous Peoples
PIDS WB 2021-0905
7th Mindanao Policy Research Forum
PIDS WB 2021-0905
Annual Public Policy Conference Webinar 4: Robust and Healthy Workforce and Closing Program
PIDS WB 2021-0904
Annual Public Policy Conference Webinar 3: Green And Inclusive Recovery
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CSP-58 Fiscal Roadmap to Economic Recovery

PN 2018-05 Facilitating FDI by Improving the Philippine Investment Negative List

CN2015-02 Transparency Seal: A Look at Agency Compliance

PB2013-01 Pushing for Greater Transparency and Accountability through Freedom of Information

CN2013-02 Promoting Transparency and Accountability in the Extractive Industries Sector / Sangguniang Kabataan: For Abolition or Reform?

NCPAG PJPA 2013-1 Philippine Journal of Public Administration: Institutional and politico-administrative responses to armed conflicts

PJPA-54(1-2)-Quah Curbing Corruption in the Philippines: Is this an Impossible Dream?

UPSE DP 2009-10 Earning Trust with Transparency: Performance Ratings and Trust in Local Officials in the Philippines

41730 Unsolicited Infrastructure Proposals : How Some Countries Introduce Competition and Transparency

UPSE DP 2005-09 Transparency, incentives and incumbent performance

34662 Company Codes of Conduct and International Standards: An Analytical Comparison

DP 2003-20 Globalization and State Capacity: The Philippines

NCPAG PJPA 2003-1-4 An analysis of the Philippine electricity industry

NCPAG PJPA 2003-1-4 Transaction cost politics, rent-seeking, institutions for commitment and regulation

DP 2001-10 Looking Beyond AFTA: Prospects and Challenges for Interregional Trade

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