Regulatory Impact Assessment Adoption Determinants: A Diagnostic Framework
Exploring Responses to the Employment Impact of Excise Tax Reform: The Case of the Philippine Tobacco Industry
Mapping Out Employment Opportunities in the Cultural Heritage Sector A Strategic Framework
Enhancing Decent Work Outcomes in Small-Scale Gold Mining

PIDS WB 2021-0904
Annual Public Policy Conference Webinar 3: Green And Inclusive Recovery
PIDS WB 2021-0903
Annual Public Policy Conference Webinar 2: Ethical Business
PIDS WB 2021-0902
Opening Program and Annual Public Policy Conference Webinar 1: Resetting Capitalism
PIDS WB 2021-0901
19th Development Policy Research Month Kick-Off Forum
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UPSE DP 1966-07 Some Interactions Between Economic Growth and Population Change in the Philippines

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UPSE DP 1965-08 Output, Capital, Labor and population: Projections from the Supply-Side

RIMCU 1964-01 Philippine Fertility and Mortality with Special Reference to the North Mindanao Region: A Critique of Recent Estimates

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USC_OPS_2 Water Quality And Fisheries Issues Accompanying Population Growth in the Philippines

MSI 2002-ES Social Franchising Reproductive Health Services Can It Work?A Review of the Experience

USC_OPS_3 Population Development and Environment in the Philippines: An Introduction

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