RPS 2021-06
Toward an Inclusive Social Insurance Coverage in the Philippines: Examining Gender Disparities
Delving into the Countrys Future Outlook
A Case Study of Company Best Practices on Regularization of Workers in Contracting Arrangements
A Legal Analysis on the Speedy Disposition of Labor Cases on Appeal

PIDS WB 2021-0701
Challenges and Prospects of the Philippine Electric Vehicle Industry
PIDS WB 2021-0604
Senior High School Graduates' Prospects and Challenges in the Labor Market
PIDS WB 2021-0603
Improving the Land Tenure Security of Farmers and the Role of Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Organizations in Enhancing Agricultural Productivity
PIDS WB 2021-0602
Examining Philippine Regulatory Policies on Solid Waste Management
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PN 2004-03 Institutions and Water -- the Vital Connections

PIDS Book 2004-01 Winning the Water War: Watersheds, Water Policies and Water Institutions

DP 2004-20 Community-led Watershed-based Water Resources Management: The Case of Balian, Pangil, Laguna

DP 2004-21 Realities of the Watershed Management Approach: The Magat Watershed Experience

NCPAG PJPA 2004-1-2 Community organizing and governance

NCPAG PJPA 2004-1-2 Strengthening the academic curriculum for teaching public administration in the Philippines: building institutional capacities to attain the millennium development goals

DP 2004-44 Tagum City: Development at the Crossroads

NCPAG PJPA 2004-1-2 Poverty alleviation and peace building in multiethnic societies: the need for multiculturist governance in the Philippines

SDRC TR 2004-01 Celebrating Participatory Governance in Nueva Vizcaya

NCPAG PJPA 2004-1-2 Democratization, governance and poverty alleviation in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao

DP 2004-51 Lipa City...Emerging City for All Seasons???

NCPAG PJPA 2004-1-2 President Erap: a socio-political and cultural biography of Joseph Ejercito Estrada [review of]. Volume 1: facing the challenge of EDSA II / translated by Sylvia Mendez

UPSE DP 2004-07 Engendering Local Civic Participation via a Citizen Feedback Mechanism in Bulacan and Davao del Norte

DLSU AKI 2003-05 A Cost Analysis of Degree Programs for Batangas State University (For the Asian Development Bank under the supervision of Cora Posadas)

SU 2003-05 The Implications of Decentralization for Integrated Coastal Management Sustainability in the Philippines

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