DP 2022-03
E-Commerce Adoption and Its Impact on the Performance of Women-led MSMEs in Metro Manila: An Ex-ante Study for RCEP
DP 2022-02
Opportunities for the Philippines under RCEP: Trade in Services
NEDA6 RDR 2019
Western Visayas Regional Development Report 2019
NEDA6 RDR 2020
Western Visayas Regional Development Report 2020

PIDS WB 2021-1201
Analyzing the President's Budget for 2022
WASHaLOT 3.0: Production Process
WASHaLOT 3.0 Mass Production
Minimum Requirement Guidelines on WASH in Schools
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PIDS Book 2008-01 Human Capital and Development in the Philippines: a Festschrift in Honor of Alejandro N. Herrin

UPSE DP 2004-03 A high degree of unemployment and underemployment characterizes the Philippine economic development record. In large part, the mainstream labor policies that emphasized high labor welfare standards and high minimum manages over the creation of employment

DP 2002-04 Globalization and Employment: The Impact of Trade on Employment Level and Structure in the Philippines

PIDS Book 2001-06 The Filipino Worker in a Global Economy

FRR 2000-01 Mainstreaming Gender in the Workplace and the Financial Crisis (phases 1 & 2)

UPSE DP 2000-03 Filipino Overseas Employment: An Update

FRR 1996-09 Overt and Covert Gender in Tagalog and Perception of Job Related Terms

DRN 1995 Vol. XIII No. 2-a The HRD Challenges of Overseas Employment

DRN 1995 Vol. XIII No. 3-a The New Overseas Employment Program: Effectively Managing the Labor Migration Process

DP 1994-10 Effects of Macroeconomic Policies on Rural Nonfarm Enterprises

DP 1994-01 Intentions vs. Implementation of Philippine Economic Reforms Under Aquino Government, 1986-1992

WP 1991-04 Role of Rural Nonfarm Employment in Philippine Development

WP 1990-09 An Assessment of Labor and Employment Policies in the Philippines, 1986-1988

WP 1990-19 Health Manpower Employment and Productivity in the Philippines

WP 1989-03 Employment, Productivity and Wages in the Philippine Labor market: An Analysis of Trends and Policies

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