PN 2022-02
How Can DSWD's Social Pension Program for Indigent Senior Citizens be Improved?
RPS 2022-01
How Does the Philippines Fare in Meeting the ASEAN Economic Community Vision 2025?
PJD 2022 Vol. 46 No. 1d
Surveying the Extent and Wage Consequences of Education-Job Mismatches in the Philippine Labor Market
PJD 2022 Vol. 46 No. 1c
Disentangling the Effects of Maternal Employment on Child Stunting in the Philippines

PIDS WB 2021-1201
Analyzing the President's Budget for 2022
WASHaLOT 3.0: Production Process
WASHaLOT 3.0 Mass Production
Minimum Requirement Guidelines on WASH in Schools
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DP 2021-39 Navigating the COVID-19 Storm: Impact of the Pandemic on the Philippine Economy and Macro Responses of Government

FSI CC 2017-2 RCEP and the Future of Asian Free Trade Agreements: A Philippine Perspective 

FSI CC 2015-25  What is Keeping the Philippines from Joining the TPP?

UPSE DP 2007-02 Economic and Fiscal Policy Determinants of Public Deficits: The Philippine Case

UPSE DP 2006-04 What Type of Monetary and Exchange Rate Cooperation do China’s Asian Neighbors Want from China?

WPS 3757 Poverty Impacts of a WTO Agreement: Synthesis and Overview

35829 Philippines: Country-Level Savings Assessment

WPS 3578 International migration, human capital, and entrepreneurship: Evidence from Philippine migrants' exchange rate shocks

NCPAG PJPA 2005-1-2 Urban poverty morphology, remote sensing and geographic information system: towards sensitizing public management

NCPAG PJPA 2003-1-4 Public administration and political determination: a review of theoretical and rhetorical notions in "healing the nation"

UPSE PRE 2002-39_1-01 Nationalism and the Strong State in the 1935 Philippine Constitution

AER 2001-04 Financing for Development: Domestic Resource Mobilization

UPSE DP 2000-02 Myths and Fallacies in Economic Policy Debate

PASCN DP 1999-23 The Macroeconomy of China in the Late Nineties

DP 1998-03 Macroeconomic Policy Change and Household Health Outomes: A Simulation of the Impact of the 1988-1992 Tariff Reform Program

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