NEDA 7 COVID-19 RRP 2020-2022
Central Visayas COVID-19 Regional Recovery Program 2020-2022
NEDA 7 RDP 2017-2022 Midterm
Central Visayas Regional Development Plan 2017-2022 Midterm Update
NEDA 7 RDRA 2017-2022
Central Visayas Regional Development Research Agenda 2017-2022
NEDA 7 RDR 2019
Central Visayas Regional Development Report 2019

PIDS WB 2021-1201
Analyzing the President's Budget for 2022
WASHaLOT 3.0: Production Process
WASHaLOT 3.0 Mass Production
Minimum Requirement Guidelines on WASH in Schools
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CHL 1999-58 A Compilation of Laws and Issuances on Women and Children in the Informal Sector

DP 1995-31 Health Manpower: Profile, Stock and Requirements

PPJ Vol. XII No. 1 1980-03 Financial Center Project by Construction and Development Corporation of the Philippines

DP 2021-11 Decent Work in Crowdwork: Gendered Takeaways from an Online Survey in the Philippines

PIDS EPM 2020-2021 Reset and Rebuild for a Better Philippines in the Post-pandemic World

DP 2021-13 Filipinos' Access and Exposure to ICT: A General Overview based on the National ICT Household Survey

BRAc RN 2021-01 Shedding Light on Bank Deposits in Philippine Provinces

DP 2021-16 Regional Health Integration and Cooperation in the Philippines

DP 2021-27 If You Pay Peanuts, You Get Monkeys? Education Spending and Schooling Quality in the Philippines

DP 2021-30 An Assessment of the Quality of Inpatient Meals and Nutrition and Dietetics Processes in Select Public Hospitals in the Philippines

DP 2021-17 How Ready Are We? Measuring the Philippines' Readiness for Digital Trade Integration with the Asia-Pacific

DP 2021-32 Assessment of the Service Capability and Readiness of Philippine Hospitals to Provide High-Quality Health Care

RPS 2021-04 Regional Analysis of the Philippine Services Sector

DRN Vol. 39 No.4 PH must reset, rebuild to reduce inequity post-pandemic

SEARCA MGB 2021 1 MINDORO TREASURES: Teaching Reference for Environment Awareness and Sustainable Use of Resource

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PIDS WB 2021-01 Virtual Book Launch: Revitalizing Philippine Irrigation: A Systems and Governance Assessment for the 21st Century

PIDS WB 2021-0404 Examining the Country's Expanded Immunization Program and Primary Health Care for Noncommunicable Diseases