BRAc RN 2021-01
Shedding Light on Bank Deposits in Philippine Provinces
Modernizing VAT in the Digital Economy
Nature-Based Policies Towards Green Recovery: Mitigating the Impacts of Climate Change and Future Disease Outbreaks
NEDA 12 2020-01
Regional Development Council XII Accomplishment Report CY 2020

PIDS WB 2021-1104
Assessing the Philippines' Performance in Meeting the ASEAN Economic Community Vision 2025
PIDS WB 2021-1103
Examining The Health Impacts Of The COVID-19 Pandemic In The Philippines
ILS 30th Anniversary Video
PIDS WB 2021-1102
Evaluating the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program's Payment System
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DP 2010-03 Do Barangays Really Matter in Local Services Delivery? Some Issues and Policy Options

PN 2010-04 (Policy Brief) Hilots Getting on Board Facility-based Deliveries

DP 2010-18 Who Provides Good Quality Prenatal Care in the Philippines?

DP 2010-25 Improving the Financial Management of Local Economic Enterprises

PN 2009-01 Water Service Delivery on the Ground: Targets versus Realities (the Cases of Dumaguete City and Agusan del Sur)

DP 2009-34 Improving Local Service Delivery for the MDGs in Asia: the Case of the Philippines

PN 2009-02 Performance and Problems of Water Districts: Selected Experiences

DP 2009-37 Triangulation Framework for Local Service Delivery

DP 2009-38 Local Service Delivery of Potable Water in the Philippines: National Review and Case Analysis

PN 2009-07 What Ails Local Service Delivery of Public Goods and Services?

PN 2009-10 Assessing LGUs' Health Service Delivery Performance: the Cases of Agusan del Sur and Dumaguete City

PN 2009-11 Focus on Barangay Economic Development

SDRC TR 2006-06 Pilot Testing of Monitoring and Evaluation Tools for Local Government Unit (LGU) Performance Assessment in Health Systems

DP 2006-19 Paradigms of Decentralization, Institutional Design, and Poverty: Drinking Water in the Philippines

31002 Safeguards thematic review of decentralized projects in the Philippines

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