DLSU-AKI Policy Brief, Volume VII, No. 17
Mitigating Emissions Associated With the Production of Traded Goods
BRAc RN 2021-01
Shedding Light on Bank Deposits in Philippine Provinces
Modernizing VAT in the Digital Economy
Nature-Based Policies Towards Green Recovery: Mitigating the Impacts of Climate Change and Future Disease Outbreaks

PIDS WB 2021-1104
Assessing the Philippines' Performance in Meeting the ASEAN Economic Community Vision 2025
PIDS WB 2021-1103
Examining The Health Impacts Of The COVID-19 Pandemic In The Philippines
ILS 30th Anniversary Video
PIDS WB 2021-1102
Evaluating the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program's Payment System
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DP 2020-15 Projected Disease Transmission, Health System Requirements, and Macroeconomic Impacts of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the Philippines

SEARCA AJAD 2020 17-1-3 New Agricultural Innovation Systems and Smallholder Participation in Modern Farm Product Markets

DLSU-AKI Policy Brief, Volume XIII, No. 3. Allowing entry of foreign health professionals in containing the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines

SEARCA FINV 2020 10 Technology and Investment Profile of Soybean Roast Products

DP 2020-33 The Philippine Local Government Water Sector

PUP-Acad-ROP2 Using Extensive Reading in Improving Reading Speed and Level of Reading Comprehension of Students

DP 2020-16 PIDS-BSP Annual Macroeconometric Model for the Philippines: Preliminary Estimates and Ways Forward

SEARCA AJAD 2020 17-1-8 Book Review: Agricultural Innovation Systems in Asia: Towards Inclusive Rural Development

DRN 2020 Vol. 38 No. 3 Expert Flags Fiscal Risk in SC Ruling on LGU Revenue Share

DP 2020-34 Evaluation of the Effects of the Performance-Based Bonus Incentive Scheme

SEARCA ADN 2020 9-4 Development of a Lightweight Four-Row Paddy Drum Seeder

SEARCA MONO 2020 1 Compendium of Climate-Resilient Agriculture Technologies and Approaches in the Philippines

DP 2020-17 Agricultural Employment and the Rural Household: A Characterization for Selected Provinces in the Philippines

DLSU-AKI Policy Brief, Volume XIII, No. 7. Towards a flexible learning ecosystem in Philippine tertiary education.

DLSU-AKI Policy Brief, Volume VII, No. 5 Can the Gender Wage Gap be Closed in the Philippine Manufacturing Sector?

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