NEDA 7 COVID-19 RRP 2020-2022
Central Visayas COVID-19 Regional Recovery Program 2020-2022
NEDA 7 RDP 2017-2022 Midterm
Central Visayas Regional Development Plan 2017-2022 Midterm Update
NEDA 7 RDRA 2017-2022
Central Visayas Regional Development Research Agenda 2017-2022
NEDA 7 RDR 2019
Central Visayas Regional Development Report 2019

PIDS WB 2021-1201
Analyzing the President's Budget for 2022
WASHaLOT 3.0: Production Process
WASHaLOT 3.0 Mass Production
Minimum Requirement Guidelines on WASH in Schools
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NEDA13 RRPTSAURING 2021-02 Post-Tropical Storm (TS) Auring Rehabilitation and Recovery Plan (RRP) for Severely Affected Areas in Surigao del Sur

Mon 2020-006 Understanding Communities in Practice; Lessons From Piloting Community Profiling Tools in Selected Local Government Units in the Caraga Region in Mindanao, Philippines

Mon 2020-007 Dialoguing in Situations of Conflict-induced Displacement: The Reflective-Structured Dialogue (RSD) Approach

Mon 2020-008 Localizing Mental Health and Psychosocial Support

Mon 2020-009 Responding to Psychosocial Needs in Disasters Through Creative Means

Mon 2020-010 Community Health Day in Tandag: Integrating Dialogue and Psychosocial Support into Health Service Delivery

Mon 2020-011 Regional Councils Join Forces to Develop a Handbook on Handling Internal Displacement

Mon 2020-012 Raising Awareness of Conflict-induced Displacement Through Youth-led Storytelling

Mon 2020-013 Strengthening Social Cohesion Between Displaced People and Host Communities Through Shared Livelihood Activities

NEDA13 RRPCOVID19 2020-01 Caraga Regional Recovery Program (RRP) from Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Mon 2020-014 Applying Do No Harm principles to Situations of Conflict-induced Displacement - A Guide for Local Government Units

Mon 2020-015 Delivering Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Services in Situations of Conflict-induced Displacement

Mon 2020-001 The Role of Religious and Traditional Leaders in Mainstreaming Peace and Development in Mindanao, Philippines

Mon 2020-002 Analysis of the Financial Options for Addressing Conflict-induced Displacement in the Caraga Region in Mindanao, Philippines

Mon 2020-003 A Mobile Application for Do No Harm Quick Checks

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