Legislating Fiscal Responsibility
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PASCN DP 2000-14 Competition Policy in the Philippine Downstream Oil Industry

PN 2000-12 Exchange Is No Change

DP 1999-11 Policy Adjustment to Exploit Opportunities in WTO, APEC and AFTA: Tradable Goods Sector

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16526 Philippines - Water Districts Development Project

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50573 Doing business 2010 : Philippines - Comparing Regulation in 183 Economies

PN 2011-12 Managing Capital Flows in the Philippines

DP 2011-12 Protecting Filipino Transnational Domestic Workers: Government Regulations and their Outcomes

DP 2011-20 Analysis of the President`s Budget for 2012

DP 2011-25 The Governance of Indonesian Overseas Employment in the Context of Decentralization

DP 2011-37 Review of Philippine Migration Laws and Regulations: Gains, Gaps, Prospects

PB2011-04 Addressing Policy Gaps in the Land Administration System

DP 2012-22 A Macroprudential Framework for Monitoring and Examining Financial Soundness

DP 2013-47 Toward Informed Regulatory Conversations and Improved Regulatory Regime in the Philippines: Logistics Sector and Trade Facilitation

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DP 2018-48 (Revised) Regulatory Measures Affecting Service Trade and Investment: Information and Communications Technology Services

PN 2019-02 ICT Regulation and Regulatory Authority

DRN 2019 Vol. 37 No. 1 Increase technology adoption, review regulations, PH advised