DP 2020-21
Assessing the Resurgent Irrigation Development Program of the Philippines: Synthesis Report
DP 2020-20
Review of Indigenous Peoples Policy and Institutional Grounding
DP 2020-19
Looking at Local Government Resilience through Network Data Envelopment Analysis
DLSU-AKI Policy Brief, Volume XIII, No. 6.
Recommending a patient-level study to confirm that BCG vaccination accounts for the relatively low COVID-19 mortality rate in the Philippines.
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JPD 1983 Vol. X No. 2-a Welcome Address

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JPD 1983 Vol. X No. 2-d The Reconciliation of Government Transaction Statistics: National Accounts, Commission on Audit, and Office of Budget and Management Reports

JPD 1983 Vol. X No. 2-e The Reconciliation of Foreign Transaction Statistics: National Accounts and Balance of Payments

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29082 Iosco objectives and principles of securities regulation

DRN 2010 Vol. XXVIII No. 2 Labor Policy Issues in the Philippine Context

PN 2017-06 Why Differences in Household Expenditure Estimates Matter

DP 2017-20 National Accounts and Household Survey Estimates of Household Expenditures: Why Do They Differ and Why Should We Be Concerned?