RPS 2020-04
Assessing the Alignment of Data Science and Analytics (DSA)-Related Undergraduate Programs with the Emerging Demands for DSA Workforce
DLSU-AKI Policy Brief, Volume VII, No. 6
Discovering the Link between Investor Attention and Trade Volume in the Philippine Stock Exchange
PN 2020-08
Mitigating climate change through mangrove forest
DLSU-AKI Working Paper Series 2020-10-059
Does Partner Satisfaction Influence Contraceptive Use? Findings from the Philippines National Demographic and Health Survey 2017
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UPSE DP 1996-07 A Note on the Parametric Linear Complementarity Problem

UPSE DP 1996-05 The Choice of Adult Health Care Provider and Access Across Income Groups: The Philippine Case

UPSE DP 1996-04 Economic Growth Theory: A Tail of Two Paradigms

UPSE DP 1994-04 A Note on Isotone Solutions of the Parametric Linear Complementarity Problem

UPSE DP 1994-01 Macromodels and Walras' Law

UPSE DP 1993-08 On Q-Matrices and the Boundedness of Solutions to Linear Complementarity Problems

UPSE DP 1993-05 On Keynes Aggregate Supply Function

UPSE DP 1993-02 Optimum Quantity of Money Instability

UPSE DP 1992-08 On a Class of Semimonotone Qo-Matrices in the Linear Complementarity Problem

UPSE DP 1992-02 A Characterization of Q-Matrices

UPSE DP 1991-12 Generalized Sharing Scheme in Teams

UPSE DP 1991-02 Aggregate Supply: A Reformulation

UPSE DP 1990-05 Labor Migration, Consumption Scale Economies and Income Variance

UPSE DP 1990-04 Parcellised Capital and Underdevelopment: An Interpretation of the Specific-Factors Model

UPSE DP 1990-03 Labor Force Participation in an LDC

UPSE DP 1990-02 Lexicographic Group Decision

UPSE DP 1989-17 Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy and Sterilized Intervention in a Model of Exchange Rate and Aggregate-Demand Dynamics

UPSE DP 1989-11 Oil Price Declines and Structural Adjustment Policies in Indonesia: A Static CGE Analysis for 1980 and 1985

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UPSE DP 1989-07 Principal and Agent in a Lexicographic Model

UPSE DP 1989-06 A Short Note on Agricultural Credit and Policy Analysis

UPSE DP 1989-03 The Effect of Ricardian Rent on Macroeconomic Performance

UPSE DP 1989-02 A Note on an Antinony in Comparative Advantage

UPSE DP 1989-01 Criteria for the Regional Allocation of Public Resources

UPSE DP 1988-08 Strict Convexity of the Upper Level Sets of Strictly Quasiconcave Functions

UPSE DP 1988-06 Financing Decisions, Rational Expectations, and the "Crowding Out" Effect: The Case of the Philippines

UPSE DP 1988-03 Production Under Uncertainty: Safety First and the Crop Mix

UPSE DP 1987-01 Interpreting the Basic Rational Expectations Macroeconomic Model

UPSE DP 1986-10 Short-Term Infant Industry Protection

UPSE DP 1986-07 Modelling Agricultural Development Policy: A General Equilibruim Approach

UPSE DP 1986-01 Notes on the Bases for Government Intervention through Public Enterprises

UPSE DP 1985-14 The Distributive Implications of Export-Led Industrialization in a Developing Economy

UPSE DP 1985-13 An Extension of Fairness in Nash : A Revision

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UPSE DP 1985-04 An Extension of Fairness in Nash

UPSE DP 1985-03 On the Time Consistency of Optimal Plans

UPSE DP 1984-08 Price Decisions and Equilibrium

UPSE DP 1984-06 Block Recursiveness of the Household Production Model Under Risk

UPSE DP 1984-04 Growth in Spasmodia: Foreign Borrowing and Crisis

UPSE DP 1984-01 Multidimensional Choice and Preference Reversals

UPSE DP 1983-11 Arbitration and Group Decision Under Uncertainty

UPSE DP 1983-10 Some Well-Behaved Composition Functions Involving Nonconcave Argument Functions

UPSE DP 1983-07 Portfolio Choice and Risk

UPSE DP 1983-06 Specifying Seigniorage for Time Consistency

UPSE DP 1983-04 Regression by Minimum Sum of Absolute Errors: Some Results

UPSE DP 1982-11 Truncation Bias in Household Money Demand Tests

UPSE DP 1982-10 Factor Proportions and the Direction of International Trade: An Application of Factor Analysis

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UPSE DP 1981-03 The Lexicographic Consumer Theory

UPSE DP 1981-01 Relative Contributions of Mixed Variables to the Variation of a Regressand

UPSE DP 1980-08 Distribution Flow of Education in Thailand

UPSE DP 1980-04 Group Choice with Lexicographic Preferences

UPSE DP 1979-23 Large Sample Asymptotic Expansions for General Linear Simultaneous Systems Under Misspecification

UPSE DP 1979-22 On the Maximum Likelihood Method of Factor Analysis

UPSE DP 1979-21 On the Effect of Multicollinearity Upon the Properties of Structural Coefficient Estimators

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UPSE DP 1973-07 A Note on Decomposition of the Gini Ratio Across Regions

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UPSE DP 1971-26 A Production Submodel of the Philippine Economy, 1950-1969

UPSE DP 1971-23 A Monetary Submodel of the Philippine Economy, 1950-1969

UPSE DP 1971-21 Lexicogarphic Safety First

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UPSE DP 1970-22 Approximations to the Distribution Fuinctions of Theil's K- Class Estimators in the Case of Two Included Endogenous Variables

UPSE DP 1970-10 Approximations to the Distribution Functions of the Ordinary Least Squares and Two-Stage Squares Least Squares Estimators in the Case of Two Included Endogenous Variables

UPSE DP 1970-09 Exact Finite-Sample Distribution of the Limited-Information Maximum Likelihood Estimator in the Case of Two Included Endogenous Variables

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UPSE DP 1967-13 A Dynamic Programming Model for the Philippines Educational Sector

DLSU RP 2000-07 Opportunity Analysis Tree: A Scientific and Efficient Technique to Avail of an Opportunity