PIDS Book 2019-01
Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Creating Our Future Today (Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Public Policy Conference 2018)
RPS 2019-03
Forest Protection in the Philippines: Policy Evolution and Sector Outcomes
DP 2019-07
The Evolution of APEC and its Role in the Philippine Trade and Investment
PN 2019-07
Issues on Communal Irrigation Systems in the Philippines
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DP 2016-48 Comprehensive Study on Credit Programs to Smallholders

DP 2017-38 What Determines Financial Inclusion in the Philippines? Evidence from a National Baseline Survey

INNOTECH RR-21-2017 Scoping Study into Human Rights-Based Approaches to Education in Southeast Asia

FSI CC 2015-14 Integrating a Gender Perspective in UN Peace Support Operations

DP 2018-22 E-Finance in the Philippines: Status and Prospects for Digital Financial Inclusion

DP 2018-40 Regulatory Measures Affecting Services Trade and Investment: Financial Services

PN 2019-05 Financial Sector Development: A Review