PIDS Book 2021-01
Revitalizing Philippine Irrigation: A Systems and Governance Assessment for the 21st Century
DP 2020-59
Giving Cash to the Poor: A Study of Pantawid Pamilya Cash Grants Generosity, Frequency, and Modality
DP 2020-58
Exploring the Feasibility of Content Analysis in Understanding International Cooperation in APEC
DP 2020-57
Correlates of Test Performance of 15-year-old Students in the Philippines: Evidence from PISA
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UPSE DP 1975-18 Towards a Working Definition of Income Equity

PN 2018-02 Administrative Legislation in the Philippine Contractors' Industry

NCPAG PJPA 2005-3-4 Is there water after privatization? The case of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System

DP 2018-46 Economic Principles for Rightsizing Government

DP 2019-01 Gender Equity in Education: Helping the Boys Catch Up

PIDS Book 2019-02 Outside Looking In: Gendered Perspectives in Work and Education