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Central Luzon Regional Development Plan 2017-2022
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Central Luzon Regional Development Plan Investment Program 2017-2022
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Central Luzon Today - June 2017
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Central Luzon Today - December 2017
Latest Publications
SEARCA DPS 2011-1 Simulating the Hydraulic Effects of Climate Change on Groundwater Resources in a Selected Aquifer in the Philippines Using a Numerical Groundwater Model

SEARCA DPS 2011-2 Survey and Characterization of Indigenous Food Plants in Ilocos Norte, Philippines

SEARCA DPS 2011-3 Capacity for the Conservation of the Ifugao Rice Terraces: The Hungduan Farmers of Ifugao

SEARCA DPS 2011-4 Coastal and Marine Resources Management in the Philippines: An Analysis of the Political Economy of Banate Bay

SEARCA DPS 2012-1 Post-logging Ban Timber Tree Planting in Thailand and the Philippines

SEARCA DPS 2012-2 Pangasius Quality Management and Market Access of Small-scale Farmers in the Mekong River Delta, Vietnam

SEARCA DPS 2012-3 Management Practices and Morphological Characterization of Indigenous (Native) Chickens in Samar Province

SEARCA DPS 2012-4 Mangrove Rehabilitation in Ticao Island, Masbate, Philippines

SEARCA DPS 2012-5 Determining the Impacts of SEAMEO SEARCAs Human Resource Development Efforts in Southeast Asia

SEARCA DPS 2013-1 Developing Coral Reef Conservation Zones in the Kangean Archipelago, Indonesia

SEARCA DPS 2013-2 GIS-aided Biophysical Characterization of Southern Leyte Landscape in Relation to Landslide Occurrences

SEARCA DPS 2013-3 Using Salt-Tolerant Sweet Potato Varieties in Than Hoa Province, Vietnam

SEARCA DPS 2013-4 Economic Implications of Juvenile Siganid Fishery on Local Fishing Communities in Pangasinan, Philippines

SEARCA DPS 2013-5 A Food Security Framework for Collaboration

SEARCA DPS 2014-1 Agricultural Competitiveness through Clinical Genomics of Priority Diseases