DP 2020-23
Innovating Governance: Building Resilience against COVID-19 Pandemic and Other Risks
PN 2020-07
Bottlenecks to formalization of small-scale mining in PH
Technology and Investment Profile of Soybean Roast Products
Technology and Investment Profile of Soya Chips
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BSP WPS 2016-01 The Impact of Foreign Exchange Liberalization Reforms on the Philippine Economy: An Initial Assessment

CPBRD ABN 2019-10 Department of Education FY 2020

CPBRD ABN 2019-09 Department of Interior and Local Government FY 2020

CPBRD ABN 2019-08 Department of Science and Technology FY 2020

CPBRD ABN 2019-07 Technical Education and Skill Development Authority FY 2020

CPBRD ABN 2019-06 Department of Health FY 2020

CPBRD ABN 2019-05 The Judiciary FY 2020

CPBRD ABN 2019-04 Department of National Defense FY 2020

CPBRD ABN 2019-03 Department of Energy FY 2020

CPBRD ABN 2019-02 Department of Public Works and Highways FY 2020

CPBRD ABN 2019-01 Department of Trade and Industry FY 2020

CPBRD CN 2019-03 Examining the Factors that Affect Foreign Direct Investments in the Philippines

CPBRD CN 2019-02 2018 Economic Performance and 2019 Economic Prospects

CPBRD CN 2019-01 Promoting Disaster Resiliency through Property Insurance

CPBRD PB 2019-01 Addressing Institutional Challenges in Water Resources Management