PJD 2017 Vol. 44 No. 2d
Enhancing the Philippine Legal, Regulatory, and Policy Framework for Distributed Energy Resources
PJD 2017 Vol. 44 No. 2c
Possible Effects of China's Belt and Road Initiative on Philippine Trade and Investments
PJD 2017 Vol. 44 No. 2b
Effect of Supply Chain Integration on Business Performance and Competitiveness of Philippine SMEs
PJD 2017 Vol. 44 No. 2a
Role of Subjective Perceptions and Migration Culture in the Formation of Migration Intentions: Evidence from a Rural Village in the Philippines
Ramos, Tatum P.
PN 2016-18 Is the Community Mortgage Program Propoor?

DP 2016-40 Rent Control in the Philippines: An Update

RPS 2017-01 An Assessment of the Community Mortgage Program Implementation Strategy

DP 2017-34 The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program after 30 Years: Accomplishments and Forward Options

PN 2017-30 Financing Postdisaster Reconstruction in the Philippines