DP 2020-23
Innovating Governance: Building Resilience against COVID-19 Pandemic and Other Risks
PN 2020-07
Bottlenecks to formalization of small-scale mining in PH
Technology and Investment Profile of Soybean Roast Products
Technology and Investment Profile of Soya Chips
Sealza, Lita
TPC 1994-LS Factors Affecting the Family Planning Program Drop-Out Rates in Bukidnon Province, The Philippines

TPC 1998-SCE Male Involvement Through Reproductive Health Awareness in Bukidnon Province, the Philippines: An Intervention Study

RIMCU 2000-01 Street Traders in Cagayan de Oro City

RIMCU 2000-09 Child Labor Among Indigeneous Peoples: The Case of a Manobo Tribe in Bukidnon Province

RIMCU 2001-03 Profile of Selected Residents of Indahag, Cagayan de Oro City and Their Reactions to the Setting Up of a Photovolcanic Plant in the Area

RIMCU 2001-04 Conservation and Development Initiatives in Mt. Malindang: Perspectives of Protected Area Occupants

RIMCU 1998-11 A Socio-Economic Study of the Occupants of the PHIVIDEC Industrial Estate

RIMCU 1999-01 Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior Regarding Sexual Health: The Case of Young Adults in Selected Schools and Workplaces in Cagayan de Oro

RIMCU 2000-14 Reproductive Health Among Young Adults in Cagayan de Oro City: A Follow-up Study on Knowledge, Attitude and Behavior

RIMCU 2002-10 Local Health Account of Caraga

RIMCU 2002-11 Quality of Care of Reproductive Health Services: Views and Insights from the Province of Maguindanao

IND 2003-01 Assessing the Relative Poverty Level of MFI Clients in Cebu and Misamis Occidental