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DRN 1995 Vol. XIII No. 3-a: The New Overseas Employment Program: Effectively Managing the Labor Migration Process

Public outrage over the hanging of a Filipina worker in Singapore has threatened diplomatic ties between these countries. Beyond the diplomatic furor and public emotional uproars, what transpired has awakened the authorities to the working conditions of OCWs. Hence, the government has been forced to take firm and positive actions to alleviate the woes of workers abroad through legislative bills and the DOLE’s renewed program for overseas workers. This new program, featured in this issue, provides a sobering counterpoint to the frenzied calls from many sectors wanting immediate action from the government. The author presents what the government intends to do and what it actually achieved. Analysis indicates that its moves have been, in fact, a part of long-range plans that has been overtaken by unfortunate events such as the case of Flor Contemplacion.

Philippine Institute for Development Studies
Authors Keywords
Torres, Carmela I; labor migration; employment opportunities;
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