DP 2019-11
Towards Inclusive Social Protection Program Coverage in the Philippines: Examining Gender Disparities
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The Philippines' Voluntary National Review on the Sustainable Development Goals
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Effects of TRAIN Fuel Excise Taxes on Goods and Prices
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Impacts of TRAIN Fuel Excise Taxes on Employment and Poverty
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WP 1989-18: Assessment of the Problems of the Financial System: The Philippine Case

This paper attempts to describe and analyze the extent of problems in the Philippine financial system, their causes, regulatory and supervisory responses to such problems and the incidence of the costs of bank failures. These are all in the hope of providing lessons that are useful in formulating policies and measures to deal with the problems of the financial system.

Philippine Institute for Development Studies
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Lamberte, Mario B.; financial market; money and banking; financial sector; financial system; banking system; financial services;
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