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RMRJ JA 2018-710: Rethinking Catholic Education: Experiences of Teachers of a Catholic University

Catholic education is closely linked to the evangelical mission of the Church. As such, the primary intent of Catholic education is to proclaim the message of salvation to all people. Accordingly, Catholic education aims to provide an integral formation with a religious dimension that will equip the human person to become life, work, and mission ready and attain salvation. But given the contemporary socio-economic, cultural, political, and technological milieus characterized by a secular and consumerist view and praxis, the value of Catholic education may have been obscured or a?ected. Thus, this paper aims to investigate and analyze the views and practices of the faculty of a Catholic University about Catholic education. The purposive sampling method was used to determine the participants in the study. Using a qualitative research design, the data were gathered from the participants using the face-to-face interview method. Aided by the phenomenological method, the ?ndings discovered semblance in the participantsí views and practices of Catholic education with that of Catholic Church. Despite the observed undesirable elements that obscure and marginalize it, Catholic education faithfully remains a Catholic. But making religion as the core of the curriculum of Catholic education is still a great challenge for Catholic schools to realize. Thus, the collaboration of all stakeholders is vital to address this perennial challenge in Catholic education.

Silliman University
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Madrigal, Dennis V ; Oracion, Enrique G.; Catholic Education, Catholic Church, Evangelization, Teachersí Experiences, Challenges;
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